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When the pandemic hit in 2020, we all were a little "confined" and looking for ways to keep ourselves entertained. Ian has a hilariously small kitchen (compared to his passion for cooking) and likes the idea of making the most out of what you have... and "The Confined Kitchen" was born. A 25 episode YouTube cooking show with some great recipes that he talks about a lot - like THOSE mashed potatoes - and some great tips and kitchen hacks along the way. Enjoy everything from breakfast to dinner and all there is between, delivered with passion and good humour. Bon Appetit!


"It was one of the great thrills of my life to be a contestant on The Food Network Show "Wall of Chefs" in 2020. I have since developed a lockdown cooking show, started "Cooking Keynotes", live cook-a-longs, and created a bunch of recipe videos for corporate clients! Like many of us, cooking started as a chore for me as a kid. Growing up in a single parent household, it was a job that had to be done by my siblings and I. But as we grew, we realized the fuel for healing, the expression of love and the creative outlet that cooking could be. It has become less of a hobby and more of a full-on passion as an adult, and I am so deeply grateful to be able to showcase this in a myriad of ways. Follow your Joy!"     Ian




Combining his passion and talent for cooking with his skills as a performer and presenter, Ian has partnered with the virtual events company LMH Experiences to offer live virtual cook-a-longs for companies and organizations.  Whether a summer time grill event, or an in-depth recipe tutorial, with pairings and cocktails, these events are a fun way to bring a team together and share some social time, all while cooking from the comfort of their home. 

If your company, organization or event is interested in one of these unique experiences, please reach out the LMH Team today to book Ian! BOOK A LIVE COOK EVENT!

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One of the many silver linings that Ian has found in the last few years has been the development of this series of cooking videos for companies and brands with an old high school friend and filmmaker. Working with corporate farms, manufacturers and retailers, these instructional videos show you how to make the most out of these products, and get creative in the kitchen! They've worked with Potato and Onion Farms, Batter Mix, Fruit Importers and Costco to name a few! Follow on IG and YouTube to see what's cooking!

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