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Canadian Youth Speakers Bureau

Ian is a proud member of the CANADIAN YOUTH SPEAKERS BUREAU, made up of a group of the BEST youth speakers in Canada. Dedicated to supporting Canadian Speakers, promoting relevant messages for youth, and fostering Canadians that deliver positive messages CYSB is the place to find a speaker for your next event or assembly! If Ian is not available to fulfill your needs, CYSB will have the speaker for you.

Canadian Student Leadership Assoc.

CSLA is a phenomenal organization responsible for the running of the Canadian Student Leadership Conference (CSLC) each year. CSLA is the one of the best spots for resources for advisors and students. You will find activities, leadership lessons and ideas for crazy events all in one spot. It was the first student leadership site on the Internet and is still the best for student leadership.

Get Your Pep Talk

Ian is the proud founder and member of GET YOUR PEP TALK - a custom video service. Choose a speaker, author, advocate or game-changer and have them create a mini-motivational video for you or someone you love!

Inside>Out Initiative

THE INSIDE>OUT INITIATIVE is a not-for-profit dedicated to MePowering Youth! With their AcadaMe Bootcamp, IM:PACT Challenge, and other initiatives, IOI is here to help today's youth find their passion and make it their purpose!

Edge Fundraising

EDGE FUNDRAISING - If you need an easy and fun fundraiser for your school or organization, this is the place you want to go. The home of the famous "Kapow Pops", "Smencils" and many more, Edge Fundraising is a fantastic fundraising company in Canada. It is also run by one of Ian's dearest friends and mentors, Bill Edgecombe.


Ian Tyson is proud to creatively partner with UNLEARN, a Canadian social enterprise that "Provokes Thought to Inspire Positive Change" through clothing, posters and in-school programs. Ian shares unlearn's vision and messages and looks forward to developing new ideas together. Carry a strong message with you in what you wear and show to others! Check out their site and social media for inspirations and programs.

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