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I'm thrilled to have a wide series of products available with designs based around my keynote presentations, like the concept of being a "Silver Lining Prospector"  and having "GrateFuel" every single day of your life! Check out the store and get your Merch today - more designs coming soon!!
Hooray For Everything!

"HOORAY FOR EVERYTHING is a wonderful collection of stories and insights to put a skip back into your step. Happiness is a choice and Ian Tyson will kick start your journey and fuel it with optimism."


- Mark Scharenbroich, Emmy award winner, & Author of Nice Bike - Making Meaningful Connections on the Road of Life


There are a lot of things we encounter every day that can make it easy to choose to be negative. Stresses at school, work or home can all add up to an unfortunate change in the way we react to and treat others. That attitude spreads like a virus.


With his first book, "Hooray For Everything! The Optimist Manifesto" renowned speaker Ian Tyson looks to reverse that trend. Ian's anecdotal stories, essays, tips and rants tackle the in's and out's of staying positive no matter what life throws at you. Whether it's learning the power of "No", practicing some Uncommon Courtesy, or examining some of the 2000 choices we make in a day, this relatable read will help you to see that glass is indeed always half full!

The Optimist Manifesto
$12.99 + shipping
$18.95 + shipping

For orders of multiple books or products, email Ian directly.


$18.95 + shipping
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For orders of multiple books or products, please email Ian directly.

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