Keynote Presentation

Ian takes a look deeper into personal attitude and how it affects our day to day lives. By looking back at the enthusiasm of our youth and contrasting to what we do in our daily lives, stark contrasts emerge. Ian explores the things we "spend" time doing in our lives, and whether that is in fact, living fully. While not advocating blind optimism; Ian instead looks at a more complete understanding; that while life can throw us curve balls - resilience comes with perseverance and the right mindset. Dealing with topics like fear, choices, and habits, Ian shows how letting go of negativity can really improve our outlook and life. Capitalizing on his trademark style of storytelling with wit and wisdom intertwined, this presentation will leave audiences with a new mantra for life "Hooray For Everything!"  (65-75 minutes)

Keynote Presentation

 This keynote is the epitome of "Comedy with a Message", and has been both entertaining and thought provoking for people of all ages for years. Hero Inside takes your audience on a hilarious journey from childhood through high school and beyond, with observational humour and life lessons along the way. Through his anecdotal tales, the audience will meet the colourful characters that have inspired Ian throughout his life. Ian combines his skills as an award winning stand-up comic with his vibrancy for life to create a presentation that your audience will not soon forget.  Covering topics like overcoming obstacles, kindness, respect, dealing with loss, resilience, building culture, balancing stress in life, recapturing childhood energy, finding a personal motivation and making a difference in the life of others.

(60-70 minutes)


Keynote Presentation

This educational presentation is a creative collaboration with the social enterprise "unlearn" (unlearn.com) to examine our world and how we see it. Digging deep into higher concepts like learning, behaviour, and the things we take for granted; this engaging presentation utilizes observational humour, personal stories and multimedia to deliver more than just simple motivation.The ideas are made relatable and accessible to all with Ian's unforgettable style. This presentation can be adjusted to fit your audiences   needs and issues.  Also suitable for smaller groups and workshop presentations. (60 minutes)


Drawing from Ian's extensive background in leadership training and group facilitation, he has a wealth of workshops to help leaders at all levels create better programs, be stronger teams and lead more effectively. Workshops can be customized to your school or company needs and can cover a myriad of topics and activities, including:


Creating Events that Matter

Building Effective Teams

Enhancing Trust 

Examining What Leadership Means

School and Corporate Culture

(Workshops can be 45 mins to multiple hours)